Abiel to John

                                                                                    Bivouack Two Miles

                                                                                    From Kinston

                                                                                    March 8th, 1865

Dear Brother

            Yesterday while out on the road here I recd. a letter from you. We, or the commanding Generals seem to be in no hurry to move this morn.

            We have really commenced the campaign now. Expect the intention being I think to join Sherman1 in the interior. That is if we do not meet to large a force and are kept back which I think doubtful.

            I have a little money I do not care to have about me which I put in this letter ($20.) twenty dollars. Those photographs I hope will not come at present.

            Mr. Pratt seems so still like to trade. Our Chaplain here Dodd2 appears to be acquainted with Mr. Pratt.

            I have not time to write more at present

                                                                                    From your aff. Bro.

                                                                                    Abiel P. Williams

                                                Direct as before.


1The 25th Mass. Infantry joined Sherman’s Army on April 9th near Goldsboro, NC moving from there in succession to Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte.
2 Stephen Grover Dodd a 38 year-old clergyman from Randolph enlisted on May 20, 1864 as Chaplain of the 25th Mass. Infantry.
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