Abiel to George

                                                                                    Camp Oliver, Newbern

                                                                                    NC. Aug. 12, 1862

 Dear Bro. George

            I have just received your letter dated the 3rd and as there is no drill this afternoon I will try and write a few lines & so if the surgeon passes you are going to war & may God speed you and all others that rally at this time now of the countrys need & do you think I think less of brother mine for answering to his countryís call. Oh no but I wished there would be no need of your going. But as such a time has come I am proud of having a brother of patriotism enough to leave home friends & comforts of civilized life for the camp fare of the soldier & I have not much doubt but get along with a soldiers life very well if you only use yourself well. I have noticed as a general thing that soldiers that have as good habits as you have generally get along pretty well if they have a decent constitution which I believe you have. Your enlisting must put a stop to going to war in our family. John must stay at home and see that things go straight. Hezzie canít go and I think that you and myself can give the enemy a pretty good taste of Williams mettle if we can only get at them & I think there will be chance enough before the rebs are subdued. You write you think some of going in a battery of light artillery. Are you going as bugler or cannoneer. I f you donít go there I suppose the Dudley boys will try an infantry regt.1 As soon as you get into camp if not before you must write me how you and the rest get along with soldiers life. (that is if you go) I have no time to write more now as the mail is just going. Will [write] more to send in the next mail. Give my love to all and spank John2 if he says anything about going.

                                                                                     Yours in haste



1 Sixteen other Dudley boys beside George would join the 1st MA Heavy Artillery at the same time, 9 of them were either killed or died while in service, 2 were wounded 2 were prisoners of war and 1 was discharged because of disability
2 John Healy Williams, Abielís younger brother.

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