Obituary of George Champion Williams (son of A. Waldo and Becca Williams)


            The funeral of George C. Williams, Co. E 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery was attended in the Congregational church last Sabbath afternoon, July 17th 1864. A large congregation assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of one who held a high place in the affections of all. The church appropriately decorated with flags, the ones over or around the pulpit bearing the motto “My country ‘tis for thee”, and abundant flowers showed that kind friends sought means of manifesting their sympathy with the mourning ones.

            The services were conducted by Rev. Henry Pratt, assisted by Rev. M. P. Webster, Methodist. The occasion was one of deep solemnity. The choir of which the departed had long been a prominent member were so affected that those composing it seemed almost unable to perform their part in the service.

            Two years ago, at the call for more men, although exempt from military service, so strong was his sense of duty, he girded on the soldier’s armor and went forth to encounter the dangers and trials incident to the battle field. He was wounded the 16th of June before Petersburg and died the 21st in Division Hospital.

            He was of singularly happy temperment and an ardent lover of music, possessing keen sensibilities, sympathizing with those who suffer, and heartily entering into the joys of the happy. He was much endeared to all who knew him and many fond hopes are blighted, many hearts sorely bereaved by his early death. A cherished light in the dwelling is put out. Yet those who knew him best and loved him most sorrow not as those without hope.


                                                                                    Southbridge Journal

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