Mass. State Adgt. to A. W. Williams

Massachusetts Military State Agency1

                                                                     Corner 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue

                                                                        Washington, DC

                                                                        Oct. 15, 1864

A .W. Williams

Dudley, Mass

Dear Sir

                  In reply to yours of the 11th inst. I have to say that upon application of the war department yesterday I was informed that by the order of Lieut. Gen. Grant no bodies at City Point2 would be disinterred until after a heavy frost. There are reliable undertakers here who could obtain and forward the body if you desire to save the trouble and expense of a journey here_ The expense would be about 100_ which would include going to City Point, securing and putting in an air tight coffin, and expressing to Mass.

      If it would accommodate you the money could be placed in my hands and I will se that the business is properly conducted and any money not expended will be returned. Minute directions concerning the destination of the body must be sent. If you preferred I think it probable that after the cold weather could obtain a pass to go to City Point for the purpose of obtaining the body.

                                                                  I am very respt. your obt. servant

                                                                  (???) Mass. State Ajt.

                                                                  By (???)                                                                      

1 This letter was written in reference to George Williamsí family obtaining his body from Petersburg
2 City Point, VA. was the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac during the Petersburg Campaign.
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