Mother to Abiel


Dear Abiel

            We have just heard that our Dear George has left us for the spirit world which brings great sadness to our hearts yet I think our loss is his gain. I trust he is enjoying the sweet music of the heavenly host and joining his music with theirs in holy anthem of praise. And now dear Abiel I have but one son to write to and oh may God speed that son to me if be his holy will. Hez2 has been down to weep with me for we mourn our boys yet I feel it is better with him than the liveing (sp.). I know not the particulars of his death but when we receive any information concerning his last moments we will write to you. Dear Abiel let not your spirits sink to (sp.) low but look to Christ and keep near to him the nearer we keep to him the lighter will be the stroke. God has sent it in mercy and for our good and may we be prepared to meet him around the throne of God. Hez has sent letters with paper and one with money. I shall put one dollar in this and if it gets through I will send more in the next. If there is anything we can do for you let us do it tell us how and how to direct. May God be with you dear Abiel is the prayer of your affectionate mother.



1This letter was not dated and was written on a small scrap of paper and was probably inserted into the letter sent by John on July 4th.
2 Hezekiah Williams, Abielís brother
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